All About Our Writing Courses...

In the video below, founder of Cultivate the Writer (Dr. Vernetta K. Mosley) describes how these courses can help you succeed in graduate school.

"Cultivate the Writer really helped me to improve my prewriting skills, my drafting skills as well as my revising skills."

- Jenna Smith, Sports Management

Columbia University

Juan Marin, Jr., Engineering

University of Arkansas

"I enjoyed the Academic Argument webinar as it helped my writing and improved my discussions with my advisor. I became more intentional with my words and presentations."

Marco Funez, Psychology

University of Florida

"Being born in Central America, my first language is Spanish...these sessions have helped me to recognize my weaknesses, but not be trapped by them. Now, I have resources. I have solutions. I have answers to certain questions that are preparing me to become that writer."

Lacey West, Physics

University of Arkansas

"Being in the sciences, I did not expect writing to pull as much time as it does in my program, but the webinars have helped me to become more motivated and writing process is more organized."

Who Can These Courses Help?

  1. New grad students who want to learn how to write at a scholarly level.
  2. Mid & late-stage grad students who didn't do a lot of writing during coursework.
  3. All grad students who think they don't write well.
  4. Any grad student who feels unprepared to write at the graduate level, especially a dissertation or thesis.

Course flexibility based on what you need:

  1. Individual Courses (1 webinar)
  2. Course Bundles* (5-6 webinars)
  3. All-Access Graduate School Curriculum Subscription* (24 webinars)

*Scroll down for details on course bundles and the all-access subscription.