These courses are perfect for:

  • Incoming grad students
  • Mid/late-stage grad students lacking mentorship
  • First generation grad students
  • Online learners
  • Working Professionals in grad school
  • Undergraduate honors students

You will gain skills to:

  1. Meet faculty expectations
  2. Get published
  3. Finish your dissertation or thesis

Most importantly, these skills will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to write well.

What Can You Expect to Gain?

Meet Lacey West, who describes the tremendous benefits she has gained from Cultivate the Writer courses.

  • PhD Candidate, Astrophysics, University of Arkansas
  • Distinguished Doctoral Fellow in Physics

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my subscription?

In addition to the full graduate student writing curriculum, subscribers receive 5% of all Cultivate the Writer editing and writing coaching services.

What is the format of the courses in the bundle?

Each lecture is delivered in a webinar format using aPowerPoint presentation.

I am in a Master's, DNP, DBA, PsyD or other practitioner scholar program. Is this bundle for me?

Absolutely, students in ALL types of graduate programs across ALL disciplines have benefited from these topics.