What Can You Expect to Learn?

This series teaches you how to:

  • Compose strong academic arguments
  • Organize and synthesize sources to write a literature review
  • Narrow research ideas for paper, thesis and dissertations topics
  • Improve coherence in writing
  • Identify dissertation or thesis proposal sections

Improve Your Writing!

Jenna Smith describes how these courses alleviated her concerns of possessing the writing skills to compete at an Ivy League university. In the process, she created her authentic research voice.

Detailed Topics in This Series!

  Welcome to a course designed for second/third year graduate students!
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  How to Write an Argument Effectively
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  Conquering the Dreaded Lit Review
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  Writing Your Research Proposal or Prospectus
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  Write Coherently
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Meet Your Course Instructor

Hi, I'm Dr. V, consider me the person to help you become the writer you have always wanted to be (or your faculty members want you to be).

You don't have to like writing, but to be successful in graduate school, you need to learn to write well. So, I am sharing all of my university teaching experience, passion for writing and educational training to ensure that you can develop your scholarly voice.

My degrees are:

  • BA, Journalism and Mass Communication, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • MA, English, North Carolina A&T State University
  • PhD, English University of South Florida

Thank you for allowing me to cultivate the writer within you!

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